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Welcome To St Louis Gateway Nudist. A Registered Group In The State Of Missouri As A Nudist Foundation. We Are A Group Of Local People Whom Believe And Enjoy Social Nudism And Offer The Opportunity To Meet Socially In The Nude, At Least 2 Times Monthly, And We Plan Outings, At Least 6-8 Times A Year. Members Must Be 21 Years Of Age

 You Are Required To Post At Least Two Current Photos, Both With Their Face Visible, One Clothed, One Nude, More If So Desired. You Must Also Have A Completed Bio

That Includes Your Birthday, Location, Married, Single, Divorced, Widowed, Widower, And Type Of Work You Do. Hobbies Are Also Encouraged.

You Cannot Be Excluded From Joining Due To Your Employment. Nudism Is NOT ILLEAGLE, NOR IS IT IMORAL! Just As Being Baptist, Black, Catholic, Fat, Gay Or Lesbian, Male Or Female, Short, Skinny, Tall, Tan, White, Yellow, Or Anything Else.

Gateway Nudist 

  • A Group Dedicated To Living Life As Nudist, Either Part Time Or Full Time.
  • A Group That Understands That Being Nude Does Not Mean, Or Imply With Sexual Activity.
  • A Group Open To Anyone, Who Truly Believes In Nudism As A Part Of Everyday Life.
  • A Group Open To Anyone, Regardless Of Age, Race, Sexual Preference, Martial Status Or Gender.
  • This Group That Agrees To Meet Nude, Weekly, Or Monthly, At Selected Secured Locations

Nudism Is Synonymous With “Body Freedom,” The Label For A Movement That Began In Late Twenties And Early Thirties In Germany. Descendants Of That Movement Can Now Be Found Subscribing To The “Fkk” Philosophy That There Is Nothing Wrong With Nudity, And, In Fact, Some Things Are Simply More Fun To Do In The Nude.

Plus, Nudists Acquire An Attitude Of Body Acceptance (No Shame) And Feel Freer To Just Be Themselves. As Often As Not, Health Clubs In Germany Today Have No Segregated Locker Rooms, Showers, Swimming Pools Or Saunas—A Spirit Of “Coed” Nudity And Nudist Activity Is Pervasive. The Fact That Nudism Is Here To Stay And Is Growing In Popularity Is Irrevocable.

Group Outline and Rules.

Our Mission Is To Have Gatherings And Socialize With Other Like Minded People.

As Members, We Realize We Are Not Made Or Built The Same, It Is Agree That Not Everyone Thinks The Same, And Not All Are Of The Same Financial Background. We Agree That We Shall Not Publicly Discriminate Against Any Members Due To Their Race, Religious Or Social Beliefs, or Status, Body Size, Or Abilities Or Disabilities

It Will Also Be Our Mission To Make Others Aware Of The Lifestyle Of The Nudist, By Accepting Others Whom Enjoy And Participate In The Nudist Lifestyle. It Shall Also Be A Part Of Our Mission To Attempt To Change Laws So As To Provide The Freedom To Live And Express The Nudist Experience Without Fear Of Repercussions By Law Makers The Same As Afforded To Any Religious Beliefs, Or Alternative Lifestyle Groups, IE: Gay And Lesbian Groups, And Or, Organizations Such As NAACP, American Civil Liberties ETC.

Nudism Does Not Mean, Or Indicate Sexual Parties, Events Like Orgies, Swingers Meets.

11 Responses

  1. Safetystl says:

    Is this group dead? What will it take to get it up and running again?

  2. Safetystl says:

    Is this group even active anymore?

  3. Safetystl says:

    Any idea of when the next gathering will be?

  4. NKDBiker says:

    May as well give up this website if no one is posting anything.

  5. olnudedude says:

    For Those Whom Didn’t Make It On The 24th, Man You Missed It BIG TIME! Thanks To Our Venue Host & Hostess, We Look Forward To Baring It All Again SOON!

  6. olnudedude says:

    No Dave, it is not 40 Acres, I sent you information if you did not get it, contact me direct. POOP HEAD! LOL

  7. olnudedude says:

    RSVP To provocativecouple@yahoo.com. RSVP Is a must for details and location

  8. NKDBiker says:

    I can’t. RSVP if I don’t know where it is.

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